About Us

Since 2006, the Swiss MNT Network gathers the main Swiss institutional actors in the field of micro and nano technology.

The objective of the Swiss MNT Network is to strengthen the links between the actors of the whole value chain – training, research, industrialization and commercialization.

The Swiss MNT Network provides Swiss Companies with access to a wide range of leading-edge technologies.

The Swiss MNT Network generates collaborations between companies and academic actors.

Managing Board

Chairwoman : Prof. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, AMI, Uni-FR
Vice-Chairman : Dr. M. Despont, CSEM
Past-Chairman : Dr. P. Groening, EMPA


  • Dr. Yargo Bonetti, ETH Zurich
  • Prof. Yasin Ekinci, PSI
  • Dr. Philippe Flückiger, EPFL
  • Prof. Alexandra Kaempfer Homsy, HES-SO
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Lamprecht
  • Prof. Philippe Renaud , EPFL
  • Prof. Christian Schönenberger, SNI
  • Secretary: Philippe Fischer, fischer@fsrm.ch


Swiss MNT Network
c/o FSRM
Ruelle DuPeyrou 4
Case postale 2353
CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Tel : +41 (0)32 720 09 00


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